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The Courtesan And the Captain Chapter 7
Jiyū sat at her desk, with papers scattered all over. She was endlessly staring out the window, thinking into space. She looked nothing as she normally did in her black gowns, she wore for Levi. No, she was in her oil stained overalls, and over sized work boots that have seen better days. Her long jet black hair, tied in a bun with pencils lost inside. It had almost been a month since she had seen Levi. Spending night after night, all dressed up, waiting for him in their room. She sighed, slamming her head on the desk filled with papers."Is he even alive?" Jiyū whispered to herself. "Is who alive?" Hanji questioned. Jiyū jumped from her set, falling to the floor. "Squad Leader Hanji, You're back." She said, sitting the chair upright. "Is there something that I can get you?" Jiyū questioned. "Actually yes, I need to see the drafts for the new weapons." " Ugh, right." Jiyū stuttered, glancing around the room, looking for the blue prints. "Right just give it to me
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The Courtesan And the Captain Chapter 6 :icongothinme:gothinme 0 0
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The Courtesan And the Captain Chapter 5 :icongothinme:gothinme 0 0
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The Courtesan And the Captain Chapter 4 :icongothinme:gothinme 0 0
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The Courtesan And the Captain 3 :icongothinme:gothinme 0 0
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The Courtesan And the Captain 2 :icongothinme:gothinme 0 0
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Got Wunchies by gothinme Got Wunchies :icongothinme:gothinme 1 0 Boy in the stripped beach by gothinme Boy in the stripped beach :icongothinme:gothinme 0 0
white sharingan
    "You're getting married?" Naruto shouted.
It was a year after the 4th shinobi war, everything was at peace. THree years before the war and after both Naruto and Sasuke left and Sakura went to train with Tsunade, Kakashi became lonely, even with Huy around, every now and then, but he was still alone, so one day he left, not to fond anything of importance, but to find something to pass the time.
    "Yes Naruto, I'm getting Married. YOu are most welcome to come." Kakashi said, happily packing a bag. "What is her name? What village is she from? What is she like?" Sakura questioned. Kakashi Paused turning around to face the four, he sat down. "Umo Sabireri," He paused reminiscing in her name." she is from the village hidden in the snow." "Wait, I thought that place was spring now-" Sakura punched Naruto on the head, and the two begun to bicker. Kakashi sighed, turning back around, continuing to pack. Sasuke and Sai walked past the two. "Umo, uhn." "Umo and my daught
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popsicle :icongothinme:gothinme 1 0
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Girls Locker Room :icongothinme:gothinme 0 0
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Lavender cherry blossoms :icongothinme:gothinme 0 0
Melted fruitloops by gothinme Melted fruitloops :icongothinme:gothinme 0 0 Laying in the grass by gothinme Laying in the grass :icongothinme:gothinme 0 0 Lust bites by gothinme Lust bites :icongothinme:gothinme 2 0


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